VCB Panels – Megawin 11kV 800A 20kA, m-smart plus+ Indoor Vcb Panel
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VCB Panels – Megawin 11kV 800A 20kA, m-smart plus+ Indoor Vcb Panel


Indobazzar: The Megawin 11kV 800A m-smart plus+ VCB Panels are cutting-edge solutions for medium voltage electrical distribution. These panels are equipped with advanced Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB) technology, ensuring fast and reliable fault protection to safeguard critical equipment and minimize downtime.

The m-smart plus+ VCB Panels feature an intuitive user interface, making them user-friendly and accessible for operators of all levels. They provide real-time monitoring and comprehensive protection features to ensure the electrical system’s integrity.

Constructed with durability in mind, these panels are built to withstand harsh environments and offer long-lasting performance. Safety is a top priority, with interlocks and clear labeling enhancing the overall safety of the system.


In summary, Megawin’s 11kV 800A m-smart plus+ VCB Panels deliver efficient, reliable, and safe medium voltage electrical distribution. Their advanced technology, user-friendly design, and robust construction make them an excellent choice for industries and facilities requiring dependable power distribution solutions.



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Brand Name Megawin
Supply voltage 11kV
Rated current 800A
Short time current rating 20kA
Control voltage AC/DC AC
Rated short time withstand current for 1 sec 9 to 10kA
Degree of protection of panel IP 4X, IP5X
Standards BS EN: 60439-3, EN: 50298 & IS 13032 : 91
Warranty 1 Year
No. of Days to Dispatch 7 Days
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