Megawin- MF 790C (Feeder Manager Relay)

Megawin- MF 790C (Feeder Manager Relay)

Indobazzar: Megawin- MF 790C (Feeder Manager Relay)

Discover the Megawin MF 790C Feeder Manager Relay, now available at an unbeatable price on Indobazzar! This cutting-edge relay is designed to revolutionize your power distribution system, offering unparalleled control, protection, and efficiency.

The Megawin MF 790C is a state-of-the-art Feeder Manager Relay that excels in optimizing the performance of your electrical network. With its advanced features and robust capabilities, it is the ultimate solution for managing power distribution feeders with precision and reliability.

One of the standout features of the MF 790C is its exceptional versatility. It offers a wide range of protection functions, including overcurrent, undercurrent, earth fault, and directional protection. This ensures the safety of your electrical system and minimizes the risk of downtime caused by faults or disturbances.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to acquire the Megawin MF 790C Feeder Manager Relay at the best price on Indobazzar. Upgrade your power distribution infrastructure today and benefit from enhanced control, protection, and efficiency. Make the smart choice for your electrical network with Megawin.

Brand Name  Megawin
Rated auxiliary Supply 18V to 75 Dc or 88V to 280V DC
Current sensor ratings – 60A/ 250A/ 750A
Voltage Sensor rating 1.9505kV / 3.811kV / 6.351kV 12.702kV/10.053kV
Type MF790c
Protections 3 stage of phase and earth fault current protections (IEC Std Curves)
Meter Parameters 3 phase Power and Energy for all for Quadrants.
Additional Functions Auto Recloser , Sectionalizer , Cold Load, Demand Control, Dead line charging.
Annunciation 8, 12 window annunciation
Item Warranty 1 Year
Number of Days Dispatch 3-4 Days
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