Kirloskar 57kVA Single Phase DG

Kirloskar 57kVA Single Phase DG


Indobazzar: Kirloskar  57kVA  Single Phase DG

The Kirloskar 57kVA Single & Three Phase DG is a versatile and dependable power generation solution designed for a wide range of applications. With a robust diesel engine, it offers a power rating of 57kVA, making it suitable for industrial, commercial, and residential use. One of its standout features is its ability to provide both single-phase and three-phase power, catering to various equipment and machinery requirements.

Equipped with a Kirloskar diesel engine and a high-quality alternator, this generator ensures reliable and stable power output. It often comes with a user-friendly control panel for easy operation and monitoring. Additionally, soundproofing features help minimize noise levels, making it suitable for noise-sensitive environments.

Known for its fuel efficiency and durability, the Kirloskar DG is a cost-effective power solution. It includes safety features like overload protection and shutdown mechanisms, enhancing operational safety. With applications ranging from construction sites to data centers, it serves as both a primary and backup power source.

Backed by Kirloskar’s extensive service network, maintenance and support are readily available, ensuring long-term reliability. In summary, the Kirloskar 57kVA Single & Three Phase DG combines power, versatility, and efficiency, making it a trusted choice for critical power needs.

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Brand Name Kirloskar
KVA Rating 57kVA
Phase Single Phase
Warranty 1 Year or 5000Hrs
No. of Days to Dispatch 7 -15 Days

CPCB IV+ Engine Model No. – 4R810ETA 4G1

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